Monday, September 28, 2015

"Pray For Me"

Pope Francis is back on Italian soil at the Vatican after a whirlwind six day tour of of northeastern USA. It will take me some time to catchup on my thoughts he left with me. I tried to watch "gavel to gavel" episodes of his visit and absorb his teachings. Being an unreligious person, I value myself as a spiritual being anxiously open to well thought out homilies which came fast and furious from Pope Francis.

One striking impression that still harbors vividly in my mind is the stark difference between the piety of Francis contrasted with the fierce anger shown by front runner Trump in his commentary caught on television. It showed not only in his rhetoric but in his swatch buckling demeanor pointing thumbs down while dismissing a fellow candidate. The leader of over a billion congregants showed the World how to comport oneself while the ranting Trump displayed a style most attribute to a spoiled rich kid remembered from our youth.

"Pray For Me"
Ronald C. Downie

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