Friday, September 25, 2015

Females, Listen Up

Losing Yogi Berra, an icon of Major League Baseball, a man not only of deeds but also of memorable phrases, was muted this week by an American visit by Pope Francis. I'v been immersed in my television screen since the coverage of Francis began, not unlike, my fond interest of enjoying the exploits of so many years listening to and reading about Yogi.

Both aged men with only a little over eleven years separating them in age grew up in a segregated atmosphere. Their's was an all male society. Yogi's was in baseball which remains a bastion of male domination as does all major leagues of professional sports. The NFL has allowed some female participation in refereeing as has the NBA and there may be some inroads in female assistant coaches.

Pope Francis comes from a male tradition which extends from St. Peter through a linage of men to him, the 266th male Pope. Rigidly
entrenched these men were forced to uphold tradition over the millenniums but I foresee a time when women will rest away from men their unholy lock on the papacy or, at least, the priesthood.

Many women in our World have experienced their second class status in a subdued attitude forever but you can hear a stirring afoot. When these sounds gather into a tramp, tramp, tramping that stirs the earth with marching feet possibilities become realities.

Ronald C. Downie

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