Sunday, August 2, 2015

Watching and Waiting

Watching California burn is a study in Man's ultimate insignificance; he can watch and react to flare ups but is helpless in completely extinguishing flames if the weather won't cooperate. 

Watching the Middle East erupt in the use of armament is a study in Man's inhumanity to his fellow man; killing to cleanse a culture of some other culture is truly an act of genocide. 

Watching the World cringe from the thought of drones becoming so commonplace in most facets of life is a study in Man's timidity to embrace and control progress 
before drones fly violently out of control.

Lastly, watching yourself sway left and right as the World, you feel, folds in around you in ways that you're existence seems unnecessary. Man's insignificance, his inhumanity, and his timidity has manifested finally in yourself when hopelessly you feel unnecessary and opt out of life's equation. 

Reaching rock bottom, now you have a chance to rise, since there's no other avenue of escape. Hopefully, the heinous acts of war bypass you so you can be part of the future in a society filled with vision and freedom.

Ronald C. Downie 


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