Thursday, August 27, 2015

Heard On The Street

I once, really more than once, heard hedge fund managers can care less if the stock market goes down, even a lot, since they make their money on market volatility not on stability. Up or down is their preference and rapid is their choice. Funny, what these money managers seek is opposite of what the common person on the street desires, which is market stability, upward and slowly.

The question arises : was this latest stock market fiasco orchestrated or did it react only to international money problems with China the focal point ? Investigative reporting will have to have time to do their work and may never come to an adequate decision. Again from Gran'Pa Downie's admonitions, "Money talks but bull s... walks !"

Big Money has a well oiled lobby in Washington, DC. that can spin a story anyway it pleases and until the public, you and me, get angry enough to elect representatives strong enough to squash these bugs nothing will get done. It is up to us at the ballot box, folks.

Ronald C. Downie

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