Sunday, January 11, 2015

Our Grand Milieu 

Sometime, way back then, along the highway of human existence the killing of other humans evolved. Simultaneously, humans thinking beyond themselves, began a serious attempt to appeal to and connect with human emotion. How in the world could Man both develop a lust for the carnage of death while also develop the sensitivity of art expression ? 

Paris exemplifies the latest dichotomy. Paris must be one of the greatest capitals of artistic display in all the world ; all the while, it has in the the past week, displayed also the graphics of a human death knell tolling there. 

On the continuum of human existence, which way does the pendulum swing ? Toward carnage in a fatalist way thinking of the end of human existence, or, toward the concept of, "going forth and spreading beauty and light" that the body of artistic expression teaches. 

Life's total annihilation may come from outer space but, from here on earth, it will probably come from some lunatic fringe group gaining control over nuclear materials and when mishandled triggers a worldwide debacle. Sadly both the demented and the cultured will be completely spent. Hope not ! Though, in my mind, it seems apparent. Most likely, I won't be alive to experience Life's total demise ; but, I have empathy for my fellow humans, especially, my offspring. 

Ronald C. Downie

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