Monday, January 26, 2015

Birds Feast On What Bees Pollinated

Salad bar open all day long on our Holly Trees for the overwintering flocks of birds. They love the deep red berries which must be deliciously succulent to them, by the way, they swoop in and swallow beak fills at a time. Then they fly up to perch on leafless oak tree limbs watching the other birds, sort of like, people who watch other diners to see how many times they frequent the salad bar and see how much they take on their plates. 

Robins makeup some of the flocks. They look big and plump but are still ready to gorge themselves on Holly berries. I wonder, if the hard seed at the center of each berry are digested in the stomachs of birds. Probably not, or there wouldn't be Holly seedlings popping up in vicinity, planted seemingly at random, by way of bird droppings. Nature's always at work; billions of flowers produce, after pollination, a similar number of berries, which, either fall to the ground, or are distributed to the ground by bird droppings, but very few germinate to grow into trees. I guess, this is similar to humans: millions of sperm cells attempt but, only one will fertilize a egg, which may grow into a human. Nature at work !

Ronald C. Downie

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