Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Postman

I have the upmost respect for the postman who service our area, they brave every hardship Mother Nature throws at them. In spite of the variances of climate they get their job done, mostly alone without fanfare, not gushing for recognition. They're quite affable when encountered with a few minutes to talk. Not cookie cuter people, each an individual, with their own needs and desires which makes up the greater World.

I am aghast at what some congressmen are trying to do legislatively to dismantle the postal system as we know it. Privatization to payback huge donors should not be allowed by the public, that's you and me, the voters of this country, the far to often "Silent Majority".

The Postal Service needs now a character similar to the one played by Kevin Kostner in the movie titled "The Postman". As a residual of the demise of our Nation one element refuses to dismantle; namely, the postal system. The pledged mantra of the Postal Service embedded in the hearts of it's servers prevail-
"The Mail Must Go Through"- The storyline speaks to good over evil, the will of the mass over the might of the few, to those who persist in a belief over a demented militia.

As a tribute to all mail carriers during these harsh winter months of high demand for your services, I echo a Happy New Year from your customers. May 
we, the silent majority, in this new year become your voice, our own Kevin Kostner's, in your struggle against the almighty power of the dollar pitted against you.
Happy New Year,
Ronald C. Downie

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