Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Good neighbors are those persons who freely act through their own volition to do something on the block that needs to be attended to. 

When it snows an appreciable amount, enough to be shoveled, our neighbor at the southwest corner of Evans and Wilson Streets uses his snow blower. Mr. H. used his snow blower Sunday to clear the main sidewalks of the entire block including doing the entrance walkways. In previous years he and his boys even cleaned snow off cars and shoveled out parking places during deep snow events. 

Good neighbors are good Samaritans by their desire. 

Then yesterday a young teenaged girl and a boy, I would think her younger brother, who I saw shoveling our neighbor's sidewalks across the street came across to our house. Without any contact from my wife or me they began cleaning snow from our walks and front steps. As they finished my wife tried to give them a few dollars for their efforts along with a thank you.  But, they, with a smile and a no-thank you, waved her off and proceeded up the street shoveling away. Who they are, I do not know; though, I love them dearly for what they did. 

Good neighbors are good Samaritans by their deeds. 

Of course, there's Daisy P. our next door neighbor, who I've referred to in my writings before as our special neighborhood energizer bunny. Daisy and her broom are inseparable and she has a sharp eye for any leaf in her sight. Her's is an estate attitude : everything in place, a place for everything, manicured as possible, and cleaned to the nth degree. The curb line for the majority of Evans Street is her domain. I'll challenge anyone who wants to compare their neighborhood with Daisy's. 

Good Samaritans are Good Neighbors.

Ronald C. Downie
700 Block of Evans Street,
Pottstown, Penna.

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