Sunday, July 21, 2013

Measuring Richness

Measuring Richness

"A country is never as poor as when it seems filled with riches", Lao Tzu, the founder of Taoism, verbally
expressed this to his Chinese followers in the 6th Century, BC. How many centuries have passed since he observed this condition in China ? I am amazed that I, in this 21st Century, can think similar thoughts about our own country, the USA.

Of our 330 million citizens how many are really rich ? Statistics show the top 10% of our population have 70% of the country's wealth and this discrepancy is growing ever wider. Wealth, though, is not only calculated in currency but it is also represented by what Adam Smith stated in his book, "The Wealth Of Nations". He talked of "the dignity of the sovereign,"- activities that are to be financed by fair and clear taxation, and of the creation and maintenance of public works that contributes to commerce and education for all.

How would Smith grade our union today ? How would you rate your federal representative in keeping "the dignity of the sovereign", the compact legislators have with their constituents ? I believe the public is correct when they judge Congress as inept, only 10% give Congress a positive rating.

I believe our legislators, in fervently chasing reelection rather than their elected duties, have broken their pledge to the citizens of our country and they must be relieved of their elected positions. You, the public, are vested with a tremendous power, that of voting one into office or out of office.

The wealth of our nation rests in your vote !

Ronald C. Downie

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