Friday, August 10, 2012

Up, Up, And Out

Up, Up, And Out

"Pardon The Interruptions"
Argues each day's sports affairs
Better then other sports show.

Fast, opinionated, rash
Fresh and forgettable.
All news is no news, they say.

They don't comment on Philly,
Philly's seem past any help.
Charlie, if he stays, should pray !

When will he assign openers,
A pitcher to throw two or
Three innings then starter's in,

Forty pitches, or until 
His turn to bat then pinch hit 
For him, turn the game around ?

Once starters, now middle men
Would pitch their seventy throws
Finishing the game, a win !

Clean house - dispel tradition.
Broker a new game, bend rules,
Build on strong old foundations.

We rebuild cities over
And over, out and up, new.
"Shining city on the hill".

City, a game, a nation,
All frail in the greatest scheme
Known to Man, change for change's sake.

"The only constant is change",
Has not invaded our sports.
We still wailer purity.

Dope, designated batter,
Instant replay come to mind. 
"The only constant is change".

Ronald C. Downie

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