Saturday, August 25, 2012

From Nature's Depth

From Nature's Depths

When a loved one plants a lush garden scene
To capture life forces that tugs at the heart ;
Will a sharp spade edging arcs and curves mean
Same as a painter's brush for an artist's start :

Then, from the Good Earth sun drawn, reaching, 
Elongating, branching, a replica drawn of eternity;
How many millennia stacked up to Heaven, seeking
Their chance to bust forth in color, cell's maternity :

And then, trimming and grooming, set and resetting
Creating a look pleasing to the minds eye and heart.
Complimentary to picture's size and shape getting
On to maturity, plants that grow love their start.

It's the artist in the planter, green of thumb, driven 
From Nature's depths creating lovely scenes so given.

Ronald C. Downie
A sonnet for Sherri

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