Thursday, May 4, 2017

Spanish Point

In coastal waters, early man sought food
Delivered by tides that rose and then fell ; 
Almost like a huge organism breathing, 
Unless upset, by storm induced fury.

Shellfish by the buckets, the earthen mounds 
Sing out loudly to our generations.
Facts needn't be expressed only on paper.
Unwittingly, "The Assent Of Man" strides.

Did sunsets enter into early life ?
Did early natives begin drum circles ?
Did they hollow out logs for their canoes ?
Life evolves, goes on, believing in self.  

Seeking answers from ancestors long gone.
Who lived their lives suppressing wants, while needs,
Pressed each day's hours seeking eatables.
Existing, they survive today by deeds 

Unaware of their affects left behind.
No Bible was written about them, then.
Inquisitive, modern man scales the walls 
Recording what he thinks about the past.

Ronald C. Downie

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