Sunday, December 11, 2016

Evan Alexander Downie

Young's the man we honor today :
Slim in body, strong in presence,
Handsome, young fellow, full of pep,
New graduate, into nursing.

Our " Go To Guy ", grandson Evan,
Worked two jobs while at college,
Still kept up with his social life.
He's able to chew gum and walk.

Soon you'll be asked to take your place
Among your peers, among equals.
Then, all the work and study counts,
Making your mark in life on Earth.

It's up to you - how far you go.
In growing up - you overcame
Pitfalls that would whither others.
You, a guy with starch in his shorts !

Caring to care for the disabled,
Challenged, the sickly, the needy,
Is a calling born in the strong
Of character, those who serve man.

Nan and I admire you, our man,
Who could make our day by smiling
As you walked in the front door.
Never change, always be yourself.

Happy Birthday, Evan Alexander Downie.
Remember, be yourself, honest,
Dedicated, straight forward, true
To the name you carry forward.

Happy Birthday !
Love Nanny&Pop Pop

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