Monday, February 15, 2016

Cause and Effect

Strong roots resulting in a healthy tree is an example of cause and effect. It is, as the way saplings are bent, so the trees will grow. All that lives is subject to some fundamental law of nature, one of them is, the cause and effect quandary.

We're living in a period of governance in the United States of America where voter participation will cause a huge effect in who will lead our nation for four and most likely eight years as president. If, a meager voter turnout occurs, big moneyed oligarchs will smile over their conquest, finally dominating over the will of the people.

The "one man one vote rule" can easily be thwarted by apathy. Oligarchs play the game of "chicken" with an unsuspecting public. If they can get you to think that nothing you can do, that no matter how you vote, that all is lost anyway; they got you !  Big money is after slow, dim witted, complacent citizens rather than those who can think, who can question, and, especially, those who will exercise their constitutional right and vote.

Ronald C. Downie

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