Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Lia

North of the Mason and Dixon Line
Colorful leaves fall at low, low tide;
While deep in the belly of sunshine,
You, lovingly in flower pedals, swim.

Whether the weather is suitable south
Depends upon highs and lows colliding.
South, storms swirl while lightning and
Thunder awakens the Devil from his den.

Twisted and turmoiled when unchained, he
Twirls incessantly faster, evermore faster, till
The Earth embroiled in water, wind lashed,
Submits to the Devil's own wish - Hurricane.

But the Lord, looking over his wishful flock,
Protects them in many ways. The Devil's
Put back in his den, horrid actions dismissed,
Peace again to the land, South rises at dawn.

Who else but you, Lia Alexandra Downie, who
Chose sunshine so bright, rain so hard, and
Winds that swirl, loves each and every day
That you've lived on the gulf coast of Florida.

Organization, we'll all say, was Lia's main forte.
"A place for everything, everything in its place"
Order to you is a mainstay of your very being,
To some, kind of a non-religious underpinning.

Happy Birthday, Lia, and may the rest of 100
Be as memorable as this and those gone before.
You deserve all the honors which goes with birth,
The honor of doing for others is a calling of your's.

Love, every day but especially on you Birthday !

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