Friday, May 1, 2015

May Heaven Help You

Whenever a personal illness develops preliminary signs surface especially if it's a medical emergency or an epidemic surfacing. Similarly, preliminary signs surface when an ugly atmosphere begins to fester within a population who feel disenfranchised. We have hospitals for afflicted individuals but we have few ways to treat whole populations except when they try treating themselves through marches and gatherings. 

A person entering a hospital can expect a multitude of tests be given. There has to be similar tests given to the masses. But, there is a big impediment in finding tests which can ask the proper questions to uncover systemic ills which can be treated to make a difference. I believe the crux of the underlying problem in Baltimore is maybe too great to comprehend let alone correct in our present national political environment. 

How can our country syphon off for the exclusive use of the 1% super rich all the newly created income generated by the engines of profit instead of using these monies to correct societal ills ? Without a national financial realignment which acknowledges all Americans need proper shelter, enough food, adequate healthcare, sufficient education, and a serious opportunity for a meaningful job in a non military environment; Baltimore's will pop up often. 

"The die is cast" in the events of this last week in Baltimore. I won't, I believe, live long enough for a national change to be politically achieved. For my heirs, "Heaven Help You", since you are destined to feel the effects of the lethargic actions of our federal government to guarantee that all citizens are in titled to the list of needs I've delineated above. Baltimore is but a symptom needing attention; people's despair is closer to an epidemic coming on really needing ultimate attention. 

Ronald C. Downie

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