Friday, December 5, 2014

Sherri Lynn

No more lilting melodies dream the senses
Alive, but when the beat, a drumming beat, 

Tickles both feet, dancing a tap, tap, tapping ;
Rhythm moves hips to catch music's peaks.

Music seems to be the elixir of the youth in  
Folks, sweet in sound, substantial of energy,

Governed by notes, but still free of inhibitions,  
Allows few, by lyric and sound, find their spirit.

Dance centers the ultimate extension of sound
When captured by couples caught in its rhythm.

Weather orchestrates movements by sun and rain;
Musicians, in charge of swing, by song polish same.

In a carpet weave, like the footwork of a dance,
Threaded in design, builds final consummation.

It is presumptuous, I describe the World of Dance, 
Since you have the true gift of expressive words.

Again, the celebration of another year gone by
Is a reason, I verse, in written form : Happy Birthday !

With Love, 
Connie & Dad 


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