Wednesday, September 10, 2014

To Our Son, Ronald

We live out our time on this Earth
In a segment of living called "Half Life".

At forty five, Half Life seems realistic, 
A great time in life to golf your age.

Your offspring grown, beginning to move out, 
Finished school, Casey's settled in an apartment.

Evan, approaching twenty one, still studying hard,
While manhood gains on him, will find him soon.

Vested in yours, the continence of our Downie name,
With Evan, our line could end or be forever sustained.

Your first Half Life, filled full of trial and tribulations,
Tempered you, as steel gains hardness through fire.

At least forty five more years to experience life
That may elude reasoned thought, in a new World.

You'll be ready more than the rest of society to
Exist into the future. Your edge honed by hard stone. 

Birthdays set a date certain, a calendar fact.
Life evolves: past dims, future uncertain, today ?

Please accept our wish for a heartfelt birthday,
You have earned it through the riggers of a past.

With Love,

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