Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ian Jacob -Accumulating Years- Kurtz

"A Bridge Too Far", just how far off, is it ?
When is a tall mountain, too high, to climb ?
Does an equation, need others, solve it ?

When age activates a young Man's wonder, 
Difficulty fades, possibles surface,
Animation awakes in the stoic.

Like money, effort stacks up, gains value;
Years accumulating, lifetime spending,
Banks shrink dollars, effort, pays dividends.

Paying self first, accumulates treasures :
Comfort in words, stressless with raw numbers,
Discovery's doggedness, facts captive.

Into the vast realm of the probable :
You step, a young man poised for destiny,
Personally self groomed, journey begun.

Slim waters need few bridges to traverse,
It's a lovely view atop tall mountains,
Within great minds numbers crunch calculus.

Off you are, soon to challenge a desire
You have prepared for all of your young years.
May effort, remain, your essence of life.

With Love,
Happy Birthday!
Nanny & Pop Pop

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