Friday, February 14, 2014


How inconsequential, just how insignificant is Man in the big scheme of things ? Sure, he's put men on the moon and surely history will total up the vast amounts of carbon based energy he's extracted from this planet. Yes, man has made his footprint far from  Earth but, more importantly his imprint here, found in our upper altitudes may last forever though, because of it, Man won't. 

Before the end, by effects of hyper pollution, maybe Mother Nature will intercede in ways forever old. Rain and snow, hot and cold, wet and dry, fire and ice will stymie Man's movements within the limited access arteries he's concocted for travel. Ships, so big, he's built to subdue the seas although he has trouble when maneuvering tsunamis. His vehicles won't jump deep crevices carved in the Earth by quakes, nor can they outrace super hot lava spilling down erupting hills, or float out of deep sink holes that punctures the good earth from time to time.

Weighted by arrogance of his ego, triumphant Man, lauded by his peers, roll plays dominance over the universe uninhibited by shame. Mother Nature needs no roll playing time since she is, from the beginning of time, the Alpha and Omega of all life until the end of time. What is is what has evolved and what will continue to evolve ever more, inclusive of weather, climate, earthquakes, volcanoes, even Man. 

Controlled by time and place, Man is an accumulation of certain particular cells culminating in some merged super cells which absorb knowledge allowing memory of the past and perceiving of the future. Really, Man's trip Is just starting so his final destination is undetermined unless he disregards Nature's roll in continued evolution and ignores apparent signs.

Ronald C. Downie

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