Sunday, November 18, 2012



Who am I to write about Bono ? I wouldn't know his music from a million other singers of - gee I don't even know his style - I guess Rock and Roll. I know of him because of his human philanthropy efforts especially in Africa.

Bono spoke earlier this week at Georgetown University and it was recorded and then shown on C-Span this past Saturday night while two very important college football games were also being broadcast on their sport channels. Like most viewers, I surf the channels during commercials, which I was doing last night when I came upon Bono on C- Span and got mesmerized.

I didn't get the title of his lecture though I know he was on stage in front of a large audience at Georgetown University. He emphasized that the future will consider Africa as the apt replacement for China and India in the new order of things for the engine driving the World. The first hurtle is to turn Africa's natural resources into a form of wealth which will elevate the living standards of all of Africa's citizens.

Bono insists, through IPhones and IPads in the hands of more and more people throughout the present Third World, transparency will surface and suspect politicians once prone for shenanigans would now become more responsible to their constituents. Transparency, it seems, hasn't quite broken through in our First World country to promote honest politicians so I hope Bono has better luck with Africans.

Through his efforts with - UNICEF, One Campaign, and Make Poverty History - Bono lends his stardom found in his music to these initiatives. Bono seems to have matured far above music into becoming the imperative voice for justice throughout the World. Find his lecture replayed on C-Span and see if you too become a Bono fan as I've become.

Ronald C. Downie

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