Monday, October 8, 2012

Casey Elaine Downie

Casey Elaine Downie

She's first born of our son's family,
She's his family's first college graduate,
She's a young lady thrust into womanhood,
She's an apple of our eye, a tree of life.

Casey is up to any task facing her,
Casey is an example for others to follow,
Casey is a survivor beyond all expectations,
Casey always shines life's tarnishes away.

2012, befitting your birth and Columbus Day,
He buffeted head winds, both sea and man,
Heading west away from now toward the unknown,
Westerlies tamed, land sighted, a new World.

Your New World is just over the horizon
Not unlike Columbus' dilemma, trust your instincts.
Into the spirit born of learning, cast off anchors,
Set sail toward a goal you intend to achieve.

May you live up to your own expectations
Undaunted by the urging of detractors
Who want to mold you in their image.
You, Casey, are the individual we admire.

With Love & Affection upon your birthday,
Nanny & Pop Pop

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