Saturday, June 9, 2012

Connor James Kurtz Upon Graduation

Connor Upon Graduation
Connor James Kurtz

Trumping reality finds the extraordinary
Which blazes hidden trails, uncovers new.
You've shown the knack for trail blazing
Capturing imaginations beyond the pale. 

Out from under the normal you'll enter
A special form that only education gives.
You're challenge is to blaze a trail so
Bright everyone knows that it's Connor's.

Realizing that : it's not always the strongest,
The fastest, or more artistic who prevails; but,
Many times it is that person who really thinks 
He can grab the brass ring and by leading, excels.

Your journey is merely getting started toward
A goal you've aspired for for a long, long time.
You will succeed if you acknowledge humility,
Express yourself succinctly while being honest.

We pray you always follow your muse.
We pray you always gather yourself.
We pray you take setback then move on.
We pray you remain the man you've become.

With Love and Hope !
Nanny & Pop Pop

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