Sunday, May 13, 2012

Casey Elaine Downie Upon Graduation

Granddaughter, Casey , graduated from F&M College May 12,2012. May her future travels fulfill her life's desires.

Casey Upon Graduation

In its course a comet leaves a trail traceable
In the heavens clearly seen by Earth observers.
Centered within the orbit of your own ellipse is
A village core twenty two years forever evolving.

Ever expanding, noticeably as a comet's tail,
A village adds to it's numbers exponentially.
As an education expanded your mental ability,
Joining a work force now to expand associations.

You, at the core, must make visible your orbit
To everyone who comes to inspect your village.
From time immemorial, "it's the village stupid",
Evolving as wants and needs ply a way forward.

A comet spun heavenward by a planetary event
Is not unlike you, spun forward away from college
Into the world of work and life's achievements,
There, the real warmth of your own village, counts.

Always leaving a trail, you have acted like a comet,
Predictable in your orbit, calculating in your return.
Your strength lies in a reliability of good character
Counted on by each of the village's core assemblage.

Congratulations With All Our Love,
Nanny & Pop Pop

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