Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ageless as A Village

    Ageless As The Village

From a place, beyond a place, beyond;
In a time, a forgotten time, not now;
A pitted fire flames hot from coals
Of aged wood crackling sparks aloft.

Villagers gather to watch their kill, roast,
This sacred prize of a morning's hunt.
A meal in a village along a good stream
Strengthens family, allows them to dream.

Today is the day to remember your past.
Not that very long ago, a blink, a nod.
A marriage while each still quite young;
Willing to join together, two, as if, one.

Extending life beyond one's own self
Joining another in the union of birth,
Ageless as the village, and, as the fire
Ignites all dreams, it also ignites desire.

Right here, right now, today, at this place.

Ronald C. Downie

In memory of a wedding anniversary.

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