Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dear Evan Brandt,

On behest of my grandson, Connnor Kurtz, a graduate of Catholic University working at Lindbergh International Airport, San Diego, California, I write this letter to ask you his question. Would I, because of our friendship, put in a good word for him with you so he could get your endorsement to write a column to be printed by The Mercury on a recurring basis ? To be determined : content, frequency, payment ( if any ). Realizing he's still on the school board in Danial Boone - my words - maybe he wishes to be another Tom Hylton.

Connor will be returning to the Pottstown area in January to begin a concentrated study regiment that he hopes will propel him to grades sufficient on a law degree entrance exam and that could gain him a full ride scholarship at a prestigious law school.

A couple of comments : 1-Connor was one of the youngest elected school board members in the country. 2-Connor spent a couple months in London where he interned for Parliament and traveled extensively through England and the larger cities of Europe.
3- Connor is employed at San Diego's International airport where his English skills of writing served him well. 4- Connor volunteered to do a few weeks of internship at Pottstown Borough Hall during his summer vacation. 5- Connor, I surmise, realizes his degree in religion doesn't afford him the latitude for jobs that a law degree would, especially, if he doesn't want to be a priest or even Pope.

Please accept my thank you for any effort you extend to my request.

Ronald C. Downie

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